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40+ original chemical products:
in-house formulated products in five market sectors

25+ years of Manufacturing:
Household & Industrial packaging based in Chicago, USA

One community of STEM Scholars:
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STEM education, business, and manufacturing experience


Chemistry . Microbiology . Industrial Engineering


Contract & single job chemical compound manufacturing


Laboratory, Office, Warehouse, or Maker-Space Subscriptions

  • Chicago, Illinois, United States
  • Currently operating from Romeoville, Illinois


Household Cleaners

Multiple Positions

Chicago, IL, USA
Hello there !  This is an exciting time for us at 4Chem. We anticipate major company growth taking place in the coming year. Thank you for your interest in becoming part of our team and STEM mission. We anticipate multiple job openings in construction, managerial, warehouse, internship, laboratory, and business operations. 4-Chem hopes to contractually hire a lot of staff in the coming months. Please send your resume, work history, and why you've decided to apply. We look forward to learning about your academic & professional experiences.
Please send a CV / resume with work experience, references that can be checked, and a cover letter to four-chem@outlook.com. For science, STEM, or construction related positions, please also include some pictures or a portfolio of completed projects. Thank you again, for your time and interest in 4Chem. We will do our best to answer every single application received.
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Internship / Apprentice

Chicago, IL, USA - 3532
There are a few departments always interested in student applications for skilled, scientific, or business work experience opportunities. 4-Chem is part of a STEM initiative that conducts outreach to schools in Chicago & the SW suburbs. Manufacturing warehouse, and their business operations, are also looking for interns that might bring energy to a project or problem. Finally, we anticipate expanding chemical and microbiological laboratories in the future. 4-Chem will need a lot of hands-on skills: from construction, moving, and building, to science laboratory operations, purchasing, and student mentoring. Thank you for considering an apprenticeship role with our small manufacturing company. We look forward to reviewing your credentials & learning about your passions & motivations - as they relate to the 4-Chem vision.
Must have a G.E.D or completed high school graduation requirements. Must demonstrate concurrent enrollment in any trade-school, college, university, or vocational program.
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